What We Do

You can count on lr autocare to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering choosing from mobile valets to paint corrections and more.







for family cars or cars that need seats and mats cleaned

dash doors windows cleaned, seats and mats cleaned and shampood boot vaccumed exterior safe washed and waxed

leaves your cars interior better than when you bought the car full steam cleaned and protected plus exterior safe washed and waxed

4.5 hours spent making your vehicle look its best

leaves paint work fresh and glossy swirl free

for cars with light scratches and swirls single stage machine polishing removes minor defects and leaves paint looking fresh again, perfect for new cars or couple years old, especially when ceramic coated for added costs this leaves car protected for years and a glass finish for easy maintenance.




Full valet, 

Regular cars, hatchback, coupe, saloon, 


SUV, people carriers, 4x4, pickups, small vans 


Larger vans, work vehicles 


Caravans, motorhomes, box truck/large parcel van,


Can also do larger work vehicles, for example , lorry cabs, flatbeds, etc 

Can also arrange company fleet vehicles maintenance valets 

these jobs require access to power and water

Call 07933 744824 for quotes

Deep cleans 

Deep clean package is ideal for pet owners, family cars, work/company cars or cars that are ready to be sold, 

Some of the services included in the deep clean package are carpets and mats shampoo and stain remover, thoroughly cleaned and hoovered for the hard to reach places, washed and decontamination of exterior, autoglym coat it spray on wax and much more, 

Deep cleans start at £149.99

Deep clean/single-stage enhancement bundle , £249.99

This includes a single stage paint enhancement on-top of a deep clean for the interior

Singe stage machine polish,

The single stage machine polish is ideal for removing swirls from the paintwork of your vehicle as-well as light scratches, and fully decontaminates the vehicle removing tar and iron fallout

Single stage machine polish starts at


A small fuel charge may be added if job is further away

power supply will also be required,

generator available at a small charge

some larger jobs may also require access to water